Royston Town Council declares a climate and biodiversity emergency

Last night (20th June) at Royston Town Council Full Council meeting, the Council declared a climate and biodiversity emergency. This means that the Council will assess and take steps to reduce its own impact on the environment and climate change and also embark on a programme of communication and education, working with relevant groups in the town and area to achieve change across Royston. The Council has sworn to bear in mind the climate and biodiversity emergency in everything that it does. This action was proposed by Cllr Carol Stanier, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group and Deputy Leader of the Town Council, and heartily endorsed by other Council members. Carol Stanier said: ”I was motivated to become a councillor to improve the town and to make sure that the world my children grow up in is a good one. The environment and building a sustainable future is close to my heart. I am proud to have proposed Royston Town Council’s climate emergency and pleased that the rest of the Council supported me on this important topic for us all.” Cllr Emma Squire-Smith said of the climate crisis: “In recent years I have been cognisant of trying to do what I can as an individual, this is something we can all do. Our government is not doing enough, the international community is not doing enough, we must do what we can – we can’t wait.” Cllr Ruth Brown said “With issues such as, the cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine, affecting us personally on a daily basis, it is easy to forget that the biggest threat facing humanity is climate change. In May 2019 North Herts Council declared a climate emergency and since then has started a programme of action, such as installing solar panels, planting trees and using lower emission vehicles, to reduce its carbon footprint. By declaring a climate emergency, we ensure that this is in the forefront of our thinking in all our decision making. It is important that we lead our community by working with other councils and local organisations to take action on climate change”.

North Herts Council and Herts County Council both declared a climate emergency in 2019. Actions already taken by North Herts Council and links to their climate strategy can be found here:

The original Royston Town Council motion can be found here: (page 5)

Carol Stanier is also the chair of Royston Environmental Group, a local apolitical membership group which is organising a sustainability festival in October this year. More details are available at:

Carol Stanier (Royston Liberal Democrats)
07968 006018

A new era of collaboration and vision for Royston

On Monday 16th May 2022, a new town council took office in Royston.

Royston Liberal Democrats agreed to support and work collaboratively with colleagues from all parties,  including the newly formed Royston Town Party, to give structure and stability to the new council and share their visions for the present and future of the town. Liberal Democrat councillors have significant positions throughout the council, including Deputy Mayor (Ruth Brown), Chair of Planning (Liz Beardwell) and Vice-Chairs of General Purposes & Highways (Carol Stanier) and Finance (Emma Squire-Smith).

Cllr Carol Stanier said: “I would like to thank all those who voted in the Town Council elections, and I
look forward to working with our new colleagues to deliver a more responsive and communicative
Town Council and positive achievements for all residents of Royston”.

Thank you!

Thanks for your support in the recent local elections.

In Heath Ward Ruth Brown was re-elected to North Herts Council with an increased majority, whilst in  Meridian Ward Amy Di Capite narrowly missed out on defeating the sitting Conservative councillor.

Heath Ward
Ruth Brown 988
Conservative 536
Labour 196
Green 111

Meridian Ward
Conservative 749
Amy Di Capite 694
Labour 195
Green 90

In elections to the Town Council all four Lib Dem candidates Liz Beardwell, Ruth Brown, Emma Squire-Smith and Carol Stanier were re-elected.

The Town Centre as a Place

Activists, councillors and interested members of the public met with Cllr Keith Hoskins, long time Hitchin  Town Centre and BID manager and now current North Herts Councillor to discuss what could be done to improve Royston’s town centre. Discussions were diverse and included examples of what had been done elsewhere. The top priorities that came out of the discussions for Royston were:

  • Opening up the Town Centre to make it more pedestrian friendly and attractive.
  • Holding more events of different sorts in the Town Centre and having more spaces in which it would be possible to do this.
  • More diverse use of the Town Centre, looking beyond pure retail.
  • Better joined up working of all levels of council with the BID, but especially of the Town Council who could play a great role in all of this but currently do little to improve the town centre.

These are all aims that your Liberal Democrat councillors will carry forward and work towards with high priority.

The Town Centre as a Place

Discussion with local councillors and activists, led by experienced Town Centre Manager Keith Hoskins.

About this event

Join Royston Liberal Democrats and Keith Hoskins for a discussion of the Town Centre as a Place and put forward your ideas on how Royston’s Town Centre needs to change and grow to fit with the 21st Century, post pandemic lifestyle.

Keith Hoskins MBE became a town centre manager in 1992, and was Hitchin’s town centre manager from 1997 to 2018. He is currently a North Herts District Councillor.

Read more about Keith here.

Click to register here.

Liberal Democrats painting Royston Green

Recent discussions on sustainability and biodiversity generate enthusiasm for Royston Liberal Democrats. 

Royston Liberal Democrats welcomed South Cambridgeshire Councillor and Liberal Democrat Lead on the Local Government Association’s Environment, Housing and Transport board Pippa Heylings to Royston on Wednesday, 14th July to lead a discussion of how to deliver the green recovery and build a more sustainable Royston.  Pippa shared her experience of working on environmental themes all over the world through VSO, the United Nations and directly advising Governments.  She gave eyewitness insight into the impact of the everyday plastics we take for granted, travelling from our high streets to polluting the high seas.

During a lively discussion session the group reflected on the best options to deliver a more sustainable Royston, covering themes such as improving sustainable transport, the importance of recycling, and protecting local green spaces and biodiversity.  Liberal Democrat County Councillor Steve Jarvis commented “This session with Pippa has generated some great ideas and underlined how many people in Royston believe in building a sustainable local economy based on transferable green skills”.

Royston Liberal Democrats Chairman Graeme Fell thanked Pippa for facilitating the discussion and for a productive and enjoyable evening.  He underlined the group’s commitment to sustainability through concrete actions such as working with all levels of council to introduce recycling bins in the town centre and develop a better network of cycling and walking routes.  Royston Liberal Democrats will continue to work with the community in Royston to deliver a greener town.

Thank you!

In the recent local election Steve Jarvis was re-elected as County Councillor for Royston West by a margin of 691 votes over the Conservative. This is a big increase on the 62 vote margin which Steve won by in the previous County Council election four years ago.

The full result was:

Steve Jarvis 2591
Conservative 1900
Labour 519

In Royston East Ruth Brown increased the Liberal Democrat share of the vote by 12%.

The full result was:

Conservative 2317
Ruth Brown 1255
Labour 669
Green 311

Across Hertfordshire the Liberal Democrats gained five seats – taking them to a total of 23 – with the Conservatives down five and Labour down two seats.

The new County Council has 46 Conservatives, 23 Liberal Democrats, 7 Labour, 1 Green and 1 Independent.

In the District Council by election for Meridian ward Alex Prosser-Snelling also saw a big increase in the Liberal Democrat vote, coming a clear second to the Conservative.

The full result was:

Conservative 889
Alex Prosser-Snelling 579
Labour 176
Green 154

North Herts Council now has 11 Liberal Democrats, 15 Labour and 23 Conservative councillors. It is run jointly by the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

Our Annual Report is now available

Please click here to read our Annual Report which describes some of the changes and improvements that your Royston Liberal Democrat councillors have achieved on your behalf in the last year.

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