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Ruth Brown, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Heath Ward

11th April 2017 by Phil Comments Off on Ruth Brown, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Heath Ward

Ruth Brown is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Town Council in Heath Ward.

Ruth has lived in Royston for nearly 30 years and her three children attended local schools. As well as serving as a parent governor at Tannery Drift First School, she has been active in local clubs and communities and is currently vice-chair of the Twinning Association.

Ruth works as a training manager for a local mental health charity.

Ruth has an active interest in green issues, and will work with the Council and community to promote Royston as a safe, open, and inclusive environment and improve public transport and leisure facilities. She is determined Royston will be where local shops, businesses, and community organisations can grow and flourish.

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Carol Stanier, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Heath Ward

by Phil Comments Off on Carol Stanier, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Heath Ward

Carol Stanier is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the District Council in Heath Ward.

Carol has lived in Royston for the past seven years and is a scientist by training, and self-employed. Her children attend local day nursery and school. Carol loves Royston but feels that the time is right for change and that the Conservatives no longer represent the best interests of the people of the town. She wishes to be responsive and accessible to all the people she represents.

Carol said, “The Tory-led council in this area has been in charge for too long; it is complacent and stuck in a rut. They voted themselves a pay rise recently despite making cuts in many other areas, including provision of playgrounds.”

Carol will provide the dynamism and fresh thinking required for a town that is rapidly changing, with population rising and services already stretched.


Facebook: @CarolStanier4RoystonHeath

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Steve Jarvis – Liberal Democrat Candidate for Royston West and Rural

3rd February 2017 by Phil Comments Off on Steve Jarvis – Liberal Democrat Candidate for Royston West and Rural

In His Own Words

“Conservative-run Herts County Council is bad at maintaining our roads and pavements, has reduced bus services and does a poor job of ensuring that there are enough school places where they are needed. They have made almost no progress introducing 20 mph speed limits in villages and residential roads where local people want them. At the same time the Council spends millions on public relations and is building up massive reserves rather than spending money on services for local people.

I want to see a County Council that addresses these issues, manages the contractors who deliver services like road maintenance better and is more responsive to the needs of people in Hertfordshire. People in the area covered by the Royston West and Rural county council seat need a strong voice to make this change happen.”

Contact Details

Phone 01438 727 122
Address 26 High Street, Graveley, Hertfordshire, SG4 7LA
Twitter @stevekjarvis


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Hugh Parker – Liberal Democrat Candidate for Royston East and Ermine

25th January 2017 by Phil Comments Off on Hugh Parker – Liberal Democrat Candidate for Royston East and Ermine

Hugh Parker is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the County Council elections in May this year for the new division of Royston East and Ermine. This covers that part of Royston to the east of the Old North Road, Kneesworth Street and the London Road, and the villages of Barkway, Barley, Nuthampstead and Reed.

Born and bred in Hertfordshire, Hugh has lived in the Royston area for more than 40 years and has three grown-up children, who all attended local schools. Beginning his professional life at Warren Spring Laboratory in Stevenage, he built a career responding to oil spills from ships across the globe and now runs a consultancy advising on marine pollution. He joined the Liberal Democrats last year as a more positive step than shouting at the radio!

Hugh has the following to say for himself:

I would like to help this corner of North Hertfordshire prosper and reach its full potential, promoting it not only as a great place to live but also one to attract visitors. The road, rail and air transport links make the Royston area an excellent location surrounded by glorious countryside. It is not only within easy reach of Cambridge and London but locally also has its own numerous places of interest.

While there is clearly a chronic need for more housing, it has to be developed in concert with the necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing population, including sufficient school places, medical centres and facilities for the old and vulnerable. Road and rail links need to be upgraded to cope with the increased traffic that more households bring. The current Conservative majority on the County Council has resolutely pursued cuts handed down from Westminster and a fresh approach is needed to ensure that this corner of North Hertfordshire continues to thrive and that the needs of all its residents are better served.

My priorities are:

  • To work toward developing and improving the infrastructure to support businesses and residents in the Royston area, including public transport and road maintenance and repair;
  • To work to increase social care capacity and towards an ever-closer integration of health and social care services;
  • To promote the Royston area as an attractive place to visit and encourage the development of more and varied accommodation;
  • To preserve the rural environment and ensure its accessibility to walkers and cyclists in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Details
Phone: 01763 848 094
Address: Little Cokenach, Nuthampstead, SG8 8LS.

For a PDF copy of Hugh’s candidate flyer, click on the link below:

Hugh Parker, Liberal Democrat Candidate

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Post-Election Thanks

21st July 2015 by Phil Comments Off on Post-Election Thanks

Joe Jordan, LibDem parliamentary candidate for this constituency in the recent general election, wrote an open letter to the people of Royston:

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for taking part in this year’s General and Local Elections: 70% of you in North East Hertfordshire took the time to listen, make a decision and make your mark, a fantastic result for democracy.

Secondly, I would like to thank the nearly four thousand people here who chose to vote for me and the Liberal Democrats to represent them in Parliament. Since the result of the election, we have been inundated with new members – this groundswell in support shows that the Lib Dems are not going down without a fight, and I am proud to have stood up for our principles of liberty, equality and community.

Finally, Gerald Jackson, David May and I would like to thank you for your votes here in Royston’s district council elections. We were unsuccessful this year, but we will continue to work with our group leader on NHDC, Steve Jarvis, and our members of the official opposition on Hertfordshire County Council, to oppose the Conservatives’ attacks on vital local services, like the drastic cuts to local bus services that they voted for last week.

Thank you again for your time, patience and votes – democracy wouldn’t be the same without you.

Joe Jordan
Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate, North East Hertfordshire, 2015


Joe Jordan appointed Parliamentary Candidate for North East Herts

13th April 2015 by Royston Liberal Democrats Comments Off on Joe Jordan appointed Parliamentary Candidate for North East Herts

The Royston Liberal Democrats are happy to say that our parliamentary candidate for the upcoming general election is one of us. Joe Jordan, a scientist and software engineer who lives in Royston, has been appointed the candidate to fight the Tories for the North East Hertfordshire constituency.

Joe said:

I am proud to be standing for parliament for the Liberal Democrats. I stand for a fairer, greener economy, for privacy, and for a society in which people take responsibility for their actions. Nick Clegg and I need your help to fight against the Snooper’s Charter, to extend the £800 tax cut for everyone on low and middle incomes, and to ensure that everyone has a fair chance in life irrespective of their gender, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation.

Joe studied physics at Cambridge University and Imperial College London, and currently works for a technology company in Cambridge. You can contact Joe by email at, or follow him on twitter @geekofhearts.



Royston Council Election Results

26th May 2014 by Phil Comments Off on Royston Council Election Results

Unfortunately, LibDem candidates were unsuccessful in last week’s Royston Council elections, with even our one standing councillor, Elizabeth Freeman, losing her seat. Elizabeth has worked hard for the town during her time on the council, but was unable to beat the national swing away from the LibDems. We can only look forward to the pendulum swinging back as national circumstances change.

In any case, we would like to thank everyone who did vote for our candidates, and promise that we will continue to offer the LibDem alternative in future elections.


European Parliament Results

by Phil Comments Off on European Parliament Results

Sadly, on Sunday night, the East of England lost one of its strongest advocates and keenest supporters when Andrew Duff was not re-elected as our MEP. The following is Andrew’s press statement on the subject:

This was the most polarised of the seven campaigns in which I have stood as a candidate for the European Parliament.

The financial and economic crisis has had serious social consequences, especially for the young unemployed, which took their toll on the popularity of the UK coalition government, but especially that of the junior partner, the Liberal Democrats. Campaigning on the doorsteps, fear of immigration, although inflated in exaggeration of the facts, was palpable.

The European Union is not given credit for the benefits of European integration in terms of jobs, trade and security. National political parties, in particular, have failed for too many years to understand, explain or justify the continuing need for a deeper Europe.

Nick Clegg’s tactic of challenging Nigel Farage was absolutely right. It is unfortunate that neither the Labour not Tory party joined the Lib Dem battle against UKIP’s simplistic nationalism.

While the ‘party of In’ was a good starting point for the Lib Dem campaign, I regret we were unable to develop sufficiently the idea that there is a better Europe to come, and that the status quo is not a serious option. We should have done more to expose the fact that Mr Cameron’s famous ‘renegotiation’ in advance of an In/Out referendum in 2017 is essentially spurious.

The Tories have no agreed idea on what they hope to achieve in this exercise, other than to blunt the populist appeal of UKIP – still less have they a chance of getting Britain’s EU partners to accept a package which calls into question the fundamentals of the European Union.

Over the next years, the Liberal Democrats need to develop their ideas for a reformed EU, centred on building a popular consensus behind a stronger democratic government at the European level whose main political goals will be to grow a sustainable economy which delivers the digital agenda and secures green energy.

We also need to re-connect the idea that our security as a nation rests on European solidarity.