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Hertfordshire County Council Election Results

The results of last week’s County Council election for the Royston seat were as follows: Votes % % Change Majority Baker, Les Labour and Co-operative Party 732 19.0 +9.8 Harmel, Karen Julie Green Party 232 6.0 -6.2 Hill, Fiona Ronan Greenwood Conservative Party 1,508 39.2 -13.0 298 Hughes, Mark James UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,210 …

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A Letter from Nick Clegg

Dear Friend, Agreeing the Budget is a long and painstaking process. It started at the beginning of the year, with a presentation by the Chancellor to the Quad (that’s me, him, the PM and Danny Alexander). The information is confidential enough that everyone in the room – even the PM – has to give back …

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Statement on Elections

We are pleased to have run a good campaign for the 2011 elections, and our efforts mean we continue to be the largest party in opposition on North Herts District Council, though we are disappointed not to have won any more seats. We are very sad to see Sal Jarvis leave the council; she has …

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Results for District Elections 2011 – Royston

Palace Ward Con 667 Lab 402 Tim Greatrex (Liberal Democrat) 364 Green 127 turnout 39.49% Meridian Ward Con 1058 Lab 333 Karen Davies (Liberal Democrat) 261 Green 141 turnout 43.97% Heath Ward Con 996 Lab 354 Paul Jeray (Liberal Democrat) 264 Green 219 turnout 45.37%

AV Benefits People, Not Parties

‘AV Benefits People Not Parties: More Voter Choice Means More Democracy’, Says Lib Dem Euro MP Andrew Duff The European Parliament's leading specialist on electoral reform says that Britain must not miss its chance to modernise its democracy at the referendum in a week's time. Andrew Duff, who is the Liberal Democrat MEP for the …

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Best wishes for 2011 from Royston Liberal Democrats!

2011 will be an important year for us all in terms of both local and national politics. Locally, there will be Council Elections in May. The impact of the reduction in council spending has yet to be fully understood, and will inevitably lead to service reductions and closures of facilities in our area. Never before …

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Labour Lashes Out at Coalition

Labour leaders preferred to go into opposition rather than even talking about working with other parties. Once again Labour has put old politics before the needs of the people. Hugh Annand said, “It’s really sad that Labour chose to desert the people that voted for them. “It was clear that people voted for politicians to …

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Hugh Annand Says Thank You

Hugh Annand says, “I would like to thank you all for the warm welcome that you gave me and the Liberal Democrat team during the Campaign. “While I increased the Liberal Democrat vote, sadly it wasn’t enough to win the seat. “I am pleased that Liberal Democrat policies on investment in education, moving towards a …

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