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Rob Inwood Investigates New Cemetery

Paying respects to those who have died will soon become a real challenge, following the decision of the Conservatives at North Herts District Council to stop burials in new plots in Royston Cemetery. The seriousness of the decision was described so well by the Vicar recently in the local press. Your Lib Dem councillors have …

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Lib Dem Budget Proposal For North Herts

Liberal Democrats will propose changes to the Conservative run Council’s budget to save services for young people, freeze increases in residents parking costs and protect both public toilets and recycling facilities at Thursday’s Council budget meeting. Liberal Democrat leader Steve Jarvis said, “The proposed budget identifies savings of £750,000 in the Council’s costs and proposes …

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North Herts Budget Proposal

North Herts Liberal Democrats are to put forward a revised budget proposal to the Tory Led Council, with the aim of saving the Youth Development budget, public toilets and recycling facilities, and also freezing residential parking costs. For full details please click the link below: North Herts Liberal Democrat Budget Proposal

Snooker Club Planning Application Update

Cllr Rob Inwood has `called in` the planning application for the re-opening of the Snooker Club in Lumen Road. The Town Council had no objection to the application, but when it seemed likely that the officers of North Herts would make the decision themselves, Rob asked for the decision to be made by committee, so …

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Come and Join Us for an Evening’s Entertainment!

Come and join Royston Liberal Democrats at our quiz on 9th April 2011 at Market Hill Rooms. The quiz will start at 7.30 pm and there will be a break half way through for supper. We are renowned for our puddings! The price is £7.50 per person, and we can allocate you to a team …

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Potholes in Royston

What are your thoughts on Potholes? The two recent harsh winters have left a large number of potholes, some of which are likely to be quite dangerous to drivers and cyclists alike. Please discuss the issue using our comments feature above. (Please also be aware all comments are moderated.)

New Survey Online

The new Royston Lib Dem survey is available online. The survey gives us an overview of the issues that are affecting Royston, so that we may help tackle them and hold our Conservative led council to account. See our Survey Page to take the survey.

Best wishes for 2011 from Royston Liberal Democrats!

2011 will be an important year for us all in terms of both local and national politics. Locally, there will be Council Elections in May. The impact of the reduction in council spending has yet to be fully understood, and will inevitably lead to service reductions and closures of facilities in our area. Never before …

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