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The No.26 Bus to Cambridge

The number 26 bus, which runs between Royston and Cambridge, currently runs hourly. However, Stagecoach have apparently decided that, from January, it will run just once every two hours at off-peak times. This is because the route does not generate a significant profit, because the bus is used primarily by elderly people with bus passes. This will obviously affect people in …

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The Tesco Bus Shelter – Following Up


Following up on the immediately preceding post – last Wednesday, Royston Lib Dems issued the following statement: Today, the 2nd December, Royston Liberal Democrats took chairs for the convenience of bus travellers who use the bus stop at Tesco. The shelter has been refurbished to a poor standard overall, but in particular without seating. “Having …

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Press Release: Tesco Bus Shelter Seating

29th November 2015 Standing Room Only Tired of waiting for the seating in the refurbished bus shelter at Tesco’s to be reinstated, Royston Lib Dems have decided to draw attention to the plight of the elderly waiting for the bus at Tesco’s. Local Lib Dems have written to Tesco to ask why the seating has …

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Tesco – The Bus Shelter Again

The bus shelter at Royston Tesco has now been restored following the accidental damage it suffered – but it has not been replaced like-for-like, as it still lacks seating. We’ve looked into this, and although Tesco tried to claim that this is a council matter, it does seem to be up to Tesco to deal …

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The New Royston Burial Ground

Several members of the Royston LibDems committee attended the public meeting on the 28th of June at which the choice of location for the new Royston Burial Ground was explained, if not usefully discussed. We have considerable sympathy for the opponents of the choice, which is seemingly being presented as a fait accompli rather than …

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Standing in Line for a Bus

The Royston Liberal Democrats are looking to raise the issue of seating at the Royston Tesco bus stop, which is currently inconveniently absent. Given the amount of use this stop gets, we would expect the responsible parties to want to rectify this. Please feel free to comment here, especially if you agree; the more people …

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Royston Market and Parking Safety

Market days in Royston are not what they were. The marketplace used to be a “No Parking” space; now, as the market is shrinking, that rule seems to be shrinking too. Members of the Royston LibDems party have seen cars endangering pedestrians who don’t expect vehicles among the stalls. We feel that the Council needs …

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Royston’s Proposed New Cemetery

There is much disquiet being expressed in Royston about the proposed new cemetery at the Wicker Hall site at the top of Briary Lane, Some residents are concerned about funeral corteges trying to get up the hill when there are cars parked along almost the full length of the road. There are also concerns about …

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