Liberal Democrats painting Royston Green

Recent discussions on sustainability and biodiversity generate enthusiasm for Royston Liberal Democrats. 

Royston Liberal Democrats welcomed South Cambridgeshire Councillor and Liberal Democrat Lead on the Local Government Association’s Environment, Housing and Transport board Pippa Heylings to Royston on Wednesday, 14th July to lead a discussion of how to deliver the green recovery and build a more sustainable Royston.  Pippa shared her experience of working on environmental themes all over the world through VSO, the United Nations and directly advising Governments.  She gave eyewitness insight into the impact of the everyday plastics we take for granted, travelling from our high streets to polluting the high seas.

During a lively discussion session the group reflected on the best options to deliver a more sustainable Royston, covering themes such as improving sustainable transport, the importance of recycling, and protecting local green spaces and biodiversity.  Liberal Democrat County Councillor Steve Jarvis commented “This session with Pippa has generated some great ideas and underlined how many people in Royston believe in building a sustainable local economy based on transferable green skills”.

Royston Liberal Democrats Chairman Graeme Fell thanked Pippa for facilitating the discussion and for a productive and enjoyable evening.  He underlined the group’s commitment to sustainability through concrete actions such as working with all levels of council to introduce recycling bins in the town centre and develop a better network of cycling and walking routes.  Royston Liberal Democrats will continue to work with the community in Royston to deliver a greener town.