Our District Council Candidates for Thursday 2nd May 2019

The District Council elections are less than an month away!  Here’s some information on the candidates that are standing in Royston on behalf of the Liberal Democrats.

Royston Heath – Carol Stanier

Carol made her home in Royston nearly ten years ago and loves the area. She is an active Town Councillor for part of Heath ward and her young children attend a local school. This makes her passionate about children’s and family services, which are being cut back and back in the current climate. She is active in the community, running a local German conversation group and being involved in her school’s “Friends” group. She has campaigned on, amongst other things, the brown bin tax and on-street parking in Royston. As a scientist by training, she always tries to make decisions based on rational thought and evidence. Her experience of living abroad has taught her to be curious about and inclusive of other cultures and mindsets. She said “I have always been a Liberal Democrat supporter and voter, though I joined the party just after the referendum in 2016. Whether we are in or out of the EU, I want to make sure that the whole of the British people get the facilities and services that they require and deserve. I intend to be as approachable and open as possible to all those from my ward who come to me with ideas and questions, or asking for help.”

Royston Meridian – Peter Rice

Peter Rice is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the District Council elections in Meridian ward on Thursday 2nd May. A Royston resident himself, he is a professional open-source software developer for biology and medicine. He has been a church warden in Royston, and Hertfordshire chess captain. He has also represented Royston Bridge Club, winning twice. Peter took a lead locally campaigning for StrongerIn in 2016, helping to secure a victory for ‘Remain’ in North Hertfordshire, if not the wider country! Peter is passionate about improving parking in town and about protecting and enhancing Royston’s high street.

Royston Palace – Amy Di Capite

Amy relocated her young family from Cambridgeshire just over two years ago and now lives in the heart of Royston. Although currently a full-time mum, Amy has a degree in Chemical Engineering and previously worked on fluid flow for a Cambridge-based company. She is a frequent visitor and customer of Royston town centre and passionate about supporting the local businesses and regeneration of the High Street. Amy is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the District Council in Palace ward. She said, “I’m always out and about with my children using the public services and spaces Royston has to offer. As such, I want to help maintain and improve them for others to enjoy too.”

Ermine – Suzanne Anderton

Originally from the Peak District in Derbyshire, Suzie moved to the rural community of Barkway ten years ago. She is passionate about environmental issues, particularly the impact of single use plastics and the increase in the amount of plastic litter we see in our countryside and farmland. She commented “The volume of litter strewn across our country lanes and fields has grown at an alarming rate. It is worrying to see empty cans, bottles and plastic wrappers polluting the local farmland and ruining the beautiful countryside in which we live. More has to be done, on both a central and local government level, to ensure that litter and commercial waste is disposed of properly and where possible recycled.” Profoundly against Brexit Suzie believes that it is local businesses who are taking the brunt of the chaos currently being witnessing in Westminster. “The UK voting to leave the European Union saddens me greatly. I voted Remain and I still believe that as a nation we are stronger and more secure being in the EU rather than out. The Referendum was divisive and the result has split the nation. Regardless of what the future brings we now have to work together to unite our communities and regain trust with the people of this country who have lost faith in the political system. I believe that it is time to challenge the political status quo and that’s why Liberal Democrats supporters have to come together to challenge the Tories and Labour.”

Agent for all Royston and Ermine candidates: John Hully, 16 Betony Vale, Royston, SG8 9TS