North Herts Budget Proposal

North Herts Liberal Democrats are to put forward a revised budget proposal to the Tory Led Council, with the aim of saving the Youth Development budget, public toilets and recycling facilities, and also freezing residential parking costs.

For full details please click the link below:

North Herts Liberal Democrat Budget Proposal

Snooker Club Planning Application Update

Cllr Rob Inwood has `called in` the planning application for the re-opening of the Snooker Club in Lumen Road. The Town Council had no objection to the application, but when it seemed likely that the officers of North Herts would make the decision themselves, Rob asked for the decision to be made by committee, so that public’s voice could be heard by Councillors before making the final decision.

The Snooker Club closed some years ago and is another leisure facility lost to the town.

More information is awaited about noise and traffic before a final decision is made. If you have a view, you can make your opinions known. Contact the Planning Officer with your comments..

The application number is 10/02617/1 and you can find details on the NHDC website

Come and Join Us for an Evening’s Entertainment!

Come and join Royston Liberal Democrats at our quiz on 9th April 2011 at Market Hill Rooms.

The quiz will start at 7.30 pm and there will be a break half way through for supper. We are renowned for our puddings!

The price is £7.50 per person, and we can allocate you to a team who will welcome you. If you can bring a team of up to eight people, even better.

Please reserve your place by calling Hazel on 01763 242418 or email us using our contact page.

Potholes in Royston

What are your thoughts on Potholes? The two recent harsh winters have left a large number of potholes, some of which are likely to be quite dangerous to drivers and cyclists alike.

Please discuss the issue using our comments feature above.

(Please also be aware all comments are moderated.)

New Survey Online

The new Royston Lib Dem survey is available online. The survey gives us an overview of the issues that are affecting Royston, so that we may help tackle them and hold our Conservative led council to account.

See our Survey Page to take the survey.

Nick Clegg’s New Year Message

We thought you may be interested in hearing Nick Clegg’s New Year message, click the link below to view;

Nick Clegg’s New Year Message

Best wishes for 2011 from Royston Liberal Democrats!

2011 will be an important year for us all in terms of both local and national politics.

Locally, there will be Council Elections in May. The impact of the reduction in council spending has yet to be fully understood, and will inevitably lead to service reductions and closures of facilities in our area. Never before has there been a better time to get involved in local politics, and having a say over how your town and district are run.

Nationally, the short term effects of the government’s austerity measures will begin to show, and I’m sure we can look forward to more interesting (if not heated) debates, like those on sport in schools, early years learning and university tuition fees which we have seen in 2010.

It won’t all be bad though! Your local Liberal Democrat councillors, Rob Inwood and Elizabeth Freeman, will continue their work hard on your behalf, and welcome your views on local matters.

And in May we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the direction of politics in this country for the better, to move past our antiquated first past the post system into a fair and representational Alternative Vote system. This will be an opportunity not to be missed, and certainly an event to watch!

Wishing you all the best for 2011,

Tim Greatrex

Focus Editor, Royston Lib Dems

Tuition Fees and the Liberal Democrats

We have been pleased to see that twenty-one of our MPs, including Cambridge MP Julian Huppert, voted against the government’s proposals to increase university tuition fees for students from 2012.

Their opposition demonstrates the difference between our party views and the constraints imposed upon the Liberal Democrats in the coalition government.

While a coalition government will always require compromise, the Royston Liberal Democrats still support the aims and objectives of the Liberal Democrat Party, which remains a political organisation separate from any other party.

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