Street light success

11th February 2019 by The Lib Dem Team Comments Off on Street light success

All lights to stay on until 1.00 am

For several years Liberal Democrat County Councillors have been arguing that the street lights that are turned off at midnight should be kept on later. Particularly around town centres and stations there are people still making their way home at this time who need the lights to be on.

We are pleased to say that the County Council has eventually listened and agreed that street lights that have been converted to LEDs will be left on until 1.00 am rather than going off at midnight. This will be paid for by dimming the lights (which trials show most people don’t notice) after 9.00 pm. This means that there is no additional cost or energy usage.

We have actually come up with a way to save even more money and energy and leave town centre lights on until 2.00 am, but at the moment the Conservatives are refusing to do this.


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