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Stop the Brown Bin Tax

25th July 2017 by Phil Comments Off on Stop the Brown Bin Tax

Did you know that Conservative-run North Herts District Council are consulting on whether they can get away with charging residents upwards of £40 to remove garden waste for them? This service is currently covered by our council tax.

Introducing an additional charge for this service could mean that people who cannot pay end up fly-tipping their waste, burning it in harmful backyard bonfires, or just overloading the general, non-recycled waste disposal system. Those who want to dispose of garden waste correctly but who are unable to get to the tip don’t have any option but to pay, and no exemptions for elderly or disabled residents have been discussed.

The implementation of a similar tax in nearby Welwyn/Hatfield has been poorly managed, mistake-ridden, and extremely unpopular. Has NHDC not learned from these mistakes?

Please sign our petition at in opposition to these changes, and help us send the Council a clear message on this latest Tory stealth tax.


Our Council Candidates

21st April 2017 by Phil Comments Off on Our Council Candidates

Carol Stanier, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Heath Ward

11th April 2017 by Phil Comments Off on Carol Stanier, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Heath Ward

Carol Stanier is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the District Council in Heath Ward.

Carol has lived in Royston for the past seven years and is a scientist by training, and self-employed. Her children attend local day nursery and school. Carol loves Royston but feels that the time is right for change and that the Conservatives no longer represent the best interests of the people of the town. She wishes to be responsive and accessible to all the people she represents.

Carol said, “The Tory-led council in this area has been in charge for too long; it is complacent and stuck in a rut. They voted themselves a pay rise recently despite making cuts in many other areas, including provision of playgrounds.”

Carol will provide the dynamism and fresh thinking required for a town that is rapidly changing, with population rising and services already stretched.


Facebook: @CarolStanier4RoystonHeath

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