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Local Election Results

5th May 2017 by Phil Comments Off on Local Election Results

Results are now coming in for the local elections yesterday, and we are very happy to note that Liberal Democrat candidate Steve Jarvis has taken the Royston West and Rural Herts County Council seat from the Conservatives. In addition, Liberal Democrat Susan van de Ven held her Melbourn seat in the Cambridgeshire County Council elections. The Royston Crow has details.

In many other seats at different levels across the area, the Lib Dems candidate achieved solid second place positions, confirming our status as the only credible challengers to the Conservatives – something to bear in mind at the General Election next month.



Post-Election Thanks

21st July 2015 by Phil Comments Off on Post-Election Thanks

Joe Jordan, LibDem parliamentary candidate for this constituency in the recent general election, wrote an open letter to the people of Royston:

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for taking part in this year’s General and Local Elections: 70% of you in North East Hertfordshire took the time to listen, make a decision and make your mark, a fantastic result for democracy.

Secondly, I would like to thank the nearly four thousand people here who chose to vote for me and the Liberal Democrats to represent them in Parliament. Since the result of the election, we have been inundated with new members – this groundswell in support shows that the Lib Dems are not going down without a fight, and I am proud to have stood up for our principles of liberty, equality and community.

Finally, Gerald Jackson, David May and I would like to thank you for your votes here in Royston’s district council elections. We were unsuccessful this year, but we will continue to work with our group leader on NHDC, Steve Jarvis, and our members of the official opposition on Hertfordshire County Council, to oppose the Conservatives’ attacks on vital local services, like the drastic cuts to local bus services that they voted for last week.

Thank you again for your time, patience and votes – democracy wouldn’t be the same without you.

Joe Jordan
Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate, North East Hertfordshire, 2015


Royston Council Election Results

26th May 2014 by Phil Comments Off on Royston Council Election Results

Unfortunately, LibDem candidates were unsuccessful in last week’s Royston Council elections, with even our one standing councillor, Elizabeth Freeman, losing her seat. Elizabeth has worked hard for the town during her time on the council, but was unable to beat the national swing away from the LibDems. We can only look forward to the pendulum swinging back as national circumstances change.

In any case, we would like to thank everyone who did vote for our candidates, and promise that we will continue to offer the LibDem alternative in future elections.


Hertfordshire County Council Election Results

6th May 2013 by Phil Comments Off on Hertfordshire County Council Election Results

The results of last week’s County Council election for the Royston seat were as follows:

Votes % % Change Majority
Baker, Les Labour and Co-operative Party 732 19.0 +9.8
Harmel, Karen Julie Green Party 232 6.0 -6.2
Hill, Fiona Ronan Greenwood
Conservative Party 1,508 39.2 -13.0 298
Hughes, Mark James UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,210 31.4 (n/a)
Winder, John Liberal Democrat Party 157 4.1 -21.6

(Electorate: 12,316. Poll: 31.3%. Spoilt: 12.)

Source: Herts County Council.