Tag: The Case for Europe

The EU Referendum Result

Anyone reading this will doubtless know the result of lst week’s referendum on EU membership, which the LibDems can only regard as a terrible mistake by the British public. It appears to have been a self-destructive protest vote with huge consequences unexpected by many of the people who voted to leave. One very small silver …

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Why You Should Vote Lib Dem

As the elections approach, we hope that people will be thinking ever more seriously about the question of which party to vote for. The following arguments for voting Lib Dem come from the party’s HQ. The Liberal Democrats want Britain to stay in the EU because we are fighting for a stronger economy – fighting …

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Two Meetings: Climate Change and Europe

South Cambridgeshire Lib Dems are organising two meetings on key Lib Dem issues. Both will be open to the public. Climate Change: A View from the Poles With Dr Eoghan Griffin of the Scott Polar Institute, Cambridge (speaking in a personal capacity). Date: 20 March 2013, at 7pm. Venue: Foxton Village Hall. With home-made supper …

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