The Town Centre as a Place

Activists, councillors and interested members of the public met with Cllr Keith Hoskins, long time Hitchin  Town Centre and BID manager and now current North Herts Councillor to discuss what could be done to improve Royston’s town centre. Discussions were diverse and included examples of what had been done elsewhere. The top priorities that came out of the discussions for Royston were:

  • Opening up the Town Centre to make it more pedestrian friendly and attractive.
  • Holding more events of different sorts in the Town Centre and having more spaces in which it would be possible to do this.
  • More diverse use of the Town Centre, looking beyond pure retail.
  • Better joined up working of all levels of council with the BID, but especially of the Town Council who could play a great role in all of this but currently do little to improve the town centre.

These are all aims that your Liberal Democrat councillors will carry forward and work towards with high priority.